Living Room - Penguin Mosaic
Penguin-Family Mosaic

Iridescent Opal Glass Mosaic

Glass ON Glass Mosaic Art

Forest - Glass Mosaic

Outside villa - Forest Mosaic.JPG
FOREST - Glass Mosaic in Flat Lightbox

Set in a Flat Light-Box

Dolphin Sunset-Glass Mosaic

Illuminated Mermaid
Dolphin Sunset

Mermaid Moon - Glass Mosaic

Set in a Flat Light-Box

Set in a Flat Light-Box


 Glass Mosaic Art

Handmade by peTrinA

Iridescent Opal Glass

 with or without 

light panel-box

 CUSTOM Unique 

Glass on Glass

illuminates anywhere, anytime day or night. 

No longer be limited by daylight and a window

Enjoy your stunning art 

any where!

(with light box)

Pick your size!

Any Size!

Custom Design

Stunning Large or Small


illuminating Mosaics-Each is One of a Kind

Handmade Glass on Glass Mosaic Art

Ultra Thin & Light

illuminating Light Panels 

No Light Panel


Light Panel

What Makes These So Unique & Stunning?

petrina believes that art is its own language. It’s a communication from the artist’s created work to the viewer’s emotional experience.

The process of creating art is only a small part of the whole. Its real worth, and Petrina’s purpose in her diverse mediums of work, is to convey a message of our spirituality and humanity through several facets: color (and its beauty), texture, and motion.

petrina has created works from coast-to-coast, for residential, commercial and public access projects. She has worked with individuals, architects, custom builders & their construction teams, school authorities and city officials to bring their visions to life. She also has custom pieces in a privately owned museum in Phoenix, Arizona. 

     petrina is constantly exploring within her chosen mediums of oil, acrylic and glass to create new art.



For PetrinA's 

Oil Acrylic Paintings! 


The Artist!

"Bringing Your Vision to Life"

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Forest - With Light box